April 1, 2016

Decorating your Retaining Wall

Have you already installed a retaining wall at your home? Did the pictures in the brochures look different than how your wall looks? If so, you may be missing flowers and shrubs that can bring your entire project to that final aesthetic appeal that you were missing.

If you are like most homeowners, you might not have been able to pay for a complete installation and landscaping in a single phase. By now, you have already had installed a retaining wall and completed your seeding to give you more green space or to add appeal to your yard. Whether you planted grass and it doesn't grow thick enough or you planned on adding plantings after the fact, it might be time to plan, design, and install flowers in the final phase of your project.

By using the Internet or visiting a local nursery, you can receive design help for which flowers and plantings to use. Make sure you ask about the amount of sunlight, how much maintenance is required, required distance between plantings, and how deep the root ball is required to be placed.  These may be only a few of the many questions you might have, but are a good starting point during the planning portion.

Once you have the design completed and the flowers ordered, installation is the final step. Plant each flower and shrub according to the installation process.

Now that the flowers and plants are installed...finish off the area with a mulch that fits the color scheme and step back to review the transformation that just took place. Flowers can add even more appeal to the new space and allow you to tie everything together.

Make sure you take pictures throughout the year as your flowers begin to bloom so you can capture the overall transformation while giving you bragging rights at how great your landscaping project came together! 

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