March 25, 2016

Was the Right Block Delivered? How to Tell What Allan Block Retaining Wall Product You Have

Before starting your project, it is always important to double check all your materials delivered to your site.  For help helpful information on what should be at your site and how to store your material, visit the Material and Site Checklist page on the Allan Block website.

 To confirm the correct block was delivered, first check your construction documents to see which block type is required for this job.  The AB Stones and AB Classic look almost identical when they are on the pallet.  One way of determining which block type was delivered is by simply measuring a couple of the key characteristics. 

The AB Stones and AB Classic will both have a top lip of approximately 2 inches (50 mm).  On the other hand, the bottom notch for the AB Stones is about 0.5 inches, while the bottom notch for the AB Classic is roughly 1 inch (25 mm) as measured from the face of the block.

It is always better to spend a couple minutes to confirm the correct material was delivered, than a few days rebuilding a wall for an unsatisfied customer.

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