December 18, 2015

Looking For A Retaining Wall Contractor - Don't Always Pick the Lowest Bidder

So you have decided that it’s time to construct a retaining wall and it’s a project that you decide you want professional help for.  You call a couple of local contractors and get some bids.  The question is who do you select for the project?

All contractors are in business to make money.  If one contractor is offering a far lower price than all of the rest, then the only way they can likely make a profit is to take short cuts on materials or installation and hope that the homeowner doesn’t figure it out until they get paid.  Choosing the right contractor for your project requires careful consideration.  If a contractor gives vague answers, uses broad generalizations, or is reluctant to put things in writing you should eliminate them from consideration.

So, how do you find a contractor who knows how to correctly install Allan Block walls?  Contact your Allan Block manufacturer for a current listing of AB Certified Contractors in your area.  Click here to get in contact with your local rep and you can find the local contractor who is right for the job!

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