December 11, 2015

4 Things to Consider When Building Stairs in Your Landscape

Stairways offer a wonderful way to compliment your space and provide elegant transitions through the landscape. There are so many different ways to create a transition to take you from one level to another. Stairs can flow leisurely up a hill or provide quick access to another space. Just like building stairs in other materials, the same designs can be done with Allan Block with sometime a longer life expectancy if maintained. 

Take time to build in quality. Building stairs and steps will require careful planning, flexibility on the job site and an eye for detail. Be sure to allow adequate time for layout and building of stairs. Proper compaction under each rise is important to a quality finished project. 
Some of the questions to ask prior to building the stairs will be: 

  • How many steps will I need to go from top to bottom based on the height of the slope? 
  • What is the design? Does it go straight up, any landing, any curves and switchbacks? 
  • Are the stairs built into a larger terraced retaining wall or placed on the front side along with it? 
  • Have the local code requirements been met? 

For a full overview and many design ideas check out the Allan Block website and installation guides to get your project started on the right step.

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