November 27, 2015

It’s Hip to be Square – When You Build with Allan Block Corners

While building retaining walls with curves is ideal, it is not always a practical solution the landscape. This is where a corner comes in really handy.  Corners can be a source of all kinds of solutions, like making planters, or stairways or by adding more space to an area that needs it.  Now you would think that building corners can be a complicated process, with all those angles to consider, and the possible cutting to make it happen.  But if you use AB Fieldstone to build your retaining wall, the facing unit has a built-in corner and just like that— building with corners is a snap! The latest addition to the Allan Block family of products - AB Fieldstone is a two-piece system with natural stone look that is sure to make your corners the talk of the town. 

Being square has never been so cool.


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