November 20, 2015

Create Outdoor Cooking Spaces for Year–Round Enjoyment

Skip the burger on the grill. Get ready for large gatherings of family and friends with these simple but impressive spaces. Whether have a small or large backyard space that can accommodate large groups the desire for year round dining or entertaining outdoors year round is sometime not available due to weather. By creating a space and adding some type of pergola it now becomes an area of enjoyment year round. No worries of rain to hold you back.

Entertaining and cooking outdoors is very relaxing and enjoyable. When paired with friends - even better. By using our AB Courtyard products, to create an outdoor bar or full kitchen area that works with your space, is an easy addition to any patio. Using the bar as part of the foundation for your pergola is a great design idea that works well and secures the project together. Then all that’s left is to decide on a countertop for the bar, decorate with furniture and send out the invites. Check out some of the bar layout ideas that could work for your new outdoor space. 

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