May 8, 2015

Celebrate Your Mother Every Day - Dandelion Bouquets and Other Heartfelt Sentiments

Mother’s Day is something that is honored all around the world with special events and activities to make the day unforgettable no matter where you are.  Ideas abound from eating out to time at a spa, taking in a show or just giving her a day off - there is ALWAYS something that can be done to spoil your mom.  

Mother’s Day accounted for 25% of floral purchases for all of last year, with only Christmas coming in slightly above.  I know my kids when they get old enough will probably fall into that category as they are already bringing me bouquets of dandelions as early Mother’s Day gifts.  But Mother's Day isn't really about the flowers...

Being the mother of younger kids, the homemade cards and the IOU booklet of chores they promise to do when I redeem is something I always look forward to.  The incorrectly spelled words and the pictures of hearts, flowers and stick people that typically lead into "when can we eat the cake",  is now a fun tradition on all holidays not just Mother’s Day. The joy with small children is these letters and presents come every day for me; the daily reminders that I am appreciated and loved are truly appreciated. While the tokens  may dwindle as my kids get older, I hope they never stop.  

So in thinking of the special Mom's (or like moms) still in your life, remember show them how much you love and appreciate them. Do something nice more than once a year (On Mother's Day) since she probably deserves a little something extra to make up for that one time... a small something...that you are totally sorry for…     

Happy Mother’s Day to all
the Moms out there!

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