May 1, 2015

Backyard Design Ideas: Raised Patio Vs. Wood Deck

Need or want to update you back yard?  Build a raised patio over installing a wood deck for great long lasting appeal!  There are many benefits using the Allan Block products over a standard wooden deck.
  • No Maintenance
  • No Footings to dig
  • Versatile for any Design
    looks great with curves)
  • No Under Deck Mess
  • Durable and Strong

By using the products from Allan Block you can create beautiful outdoor spaces that become an extension of your home with added value.  Designs can be as simple or as detailed as one can imagine.  Flowing curves can create visually stunning projects that a wood does not easily allow.  In place of the wood spindles around the deck, use the AB Courtyard product to create something that create the same effect but adds additional seating or places to decorate with plants or lighting.

Using the AB Install Manuals will make the job easy.  With detailed graphics and videos available along the way your new outdoor space should take shape quickly for years of enjoyment.

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