April 3, 2015

Building an Herb Garden

The herb garden; a simple and popular addition to any home, they are usually easy to grow and have many uses for daily life.  Whether spicing up your food, or for medicinal benefits, having a garden of your own can add both beauty and enjoyment to your outdoor spaces.

Fortunately herb gardens are relatively easy to grow and maintain. While herbs can be grown indoors, an outdoor garden allows for more space, the yields are higher and the product more flavorful. So depending on where you live and what your needs, the outdoor herb garden is your best bet.

Most herbs need plenty of sunlight and ample water to thrive in addition to good soil. Creating a raised bed for your herbs allows you to introduce the best soil and drainage for the plants.  Check out this easy to build, maintenance-free planter design.  

Depending on what your herbs will be used for may also change where it is located. Your kitchen garden, used for cooking, should be located close to the kitchen while herbs for fragrance or potpourri may be placed elsewhere in your yard.

The bottom line – people have been building herb gardens for centuries and the styles uses and designs are limitless. Choose a size that fits the herbs you want to grow and a design that fits your style. Then get planting!

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