March 13, 2015

To Pond or not to Pond? That is the Question…

Fountains, ponds, waterfalls, the piece
s of tranquility we need to break up the busy stressful moments in our everyday lives.  Water features can really bring peace and beauty to any backyard landscape.  So the question is not really whether to have a pond, but what type of pond to put in. 

There are many varieties of pre-made ponds on the market but I personally prefer the opportunity to create my own pond to fit my own unique style.  Allan Block has a product that gives you the chance to do just that.  Since the AB Courtyard Collection blocks allow you to stack them in a variety of ways you can build ponds of almost any shape and size.  Like this pond, we were able to build a little wall with a pond in front as an accent piece.  All you need is some flexible pond liner and some decorative rocks, and voila’ our custom pond is a thing of beauty! 

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