January 23, 2015

What is AB Fieldstone?

The look of natural stone that's easier to install and at a fraction of the cost.
AB  Fieldstone is a two-piece system with interchangeable facing units and anchoring units.  Each style of face has a Series name.  The facing units attach to one of two sized anchoring units - short anchoring units (SAU) or long anchoring units (LAU) which are made out of recycled materials.  Using 812 and 824 facing units individuality or mixing them together in your project creates a beautiful natural stone look.  There is no top or bottom to a facing unit, so flipping them over adds an even more random style.

The Many Faces of Fieldstone
AB Fieldstone has a variety of facing styles to meet any need. Use them individually or blend them together to make your own custom look. Check out the available facing styles at allanblock.com

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