January 16, 2015

Hidden Benefits of the AB® Collection

The AB Collection has many different block options to choose from that offers a classic cut stone look and feel to the project.  The smaller blocks of the collection - AB Jumbo Junior, AB Junior Lite and AB Lite Stone are perfect to build small to medium sized garden or landscape walls.  The larger blocks – AB Stones and AB Classic are great              for any application, but work best for medium to large landscape or commercial walls.  With the blocks being modular, you can also blend them together to build patterned walls with an awesome “wow” factor.

In the AB Collection you will find our signature block AB Stones. This is a good choice for any wall construction project.  The built in setback delivers great leverage, performance and stability.   AB Stones is the leader of the pack - the first block of the AB Collection and the unsung hero of the segmental retaining wall world.

No other product on the market can offer the same efficient performance and durability, while creating solutions with lasting beauty.  With a 12° nominal setback, retaining walls using AB Stones can be built taller in good soil before reinforcement is necessary.  This saves you time and money.

When planning your project, check out allanblock.com for all of the great  ideas, videos, tools and much more and see for yourself the benefits of  using AB Stones from the AB Collection of products.

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