October 17, 2014

Building a Fence: Planning Ahead Could Save You $$$

Just finished a brand new retaining wall project?  What is going to keep you from falling over the edge?  A fence or railing above a retaining wall is a crucial part of a project to protect your family or ensure people and objects don’t make the drop to the ground below. 

But what if the fence or railing was not thought of prior to wall completion?
You may be forced to spend additional money to excavate behind the wall for proper installation of the new fence or railing.  This may even cause you to need an engineer to help with a design to prevent the retaining wall overturning. 

Installing the fence or railing is typically a straight forward application, but can cause you to dig into your wallet if it is not properly planned for.  Making sure that the fence is taken into consideration at the beginning of the project just may keep the project on track and on budget.  Placing fence posts near the top of the wall during the wall construction will decrease the labor cost of the project and reduce the risk of damaging the geogrid in the process. 

Whether this is for a residential application in the back yard or a large commercial project, making sure that the fence or railing above a retaining wall is thought of in the early planning stages of the project can save time and money.

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