October 10, 2014

Adding Color to Your Backyard

There are many ways to bring color or life to your backyard.  Plants are an easy addition and depending on your choices, some will flower certain times of the year and others all year – depending on climate.  By adding some raised planters around the edges or pathways of your landscape, the plants can easily be maintained and drip lines can be incorporated ensuring the plants survival during dry periods.
If you have a backyard that could use some boundaries, adding a fence is sure to change it up.  If using a wood or prefab material, there are several options for types, stains or paint color.  If needing something with more sound abatement, than a concrete fence is your solution.  This is also available in color blends and block size options adding great color, texture and style.  With the new fencing in place, feel free to decorate, hang plants or add lighting to bring more color in.

Adding a patio space is another way to add color. Add areas in original or formal shapes as well as flowing pathways.  Place two sided walls on top of the patio to create a new outdoor room.    From natural stone materials to standard blocks, the selection is sometimes overwhelming so visit your local supplier to find something that fits your style and budget.

Still not sure you are ready to tackle it on your own? Hire a landscape designer to help you formulate a plan and make sure that when it comes time to build, that the contractor that has been trained in the products he is installing so that your project turns out just like you dreamed. 

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