March 26, 2013

Can You Build an Outdoor Kitchen On Top Of An Existing Wooden Deck?

I was interested in building the Kitchen #2 design on your website, and i had a question...
Would your product be able to be built on an existing wood deck? Would the stone on wood decking cause any trapped moisture and potentially rot?  If so, would you recommend any directions to put this build on existing decking safely?


  1. I would not be as concerned with the moisture question as I would be with the question of your deck's strength. Our block are masonry so they can absorb water into the pours like any other concrete product. However with normal air circulation the blocks will dry.

    The bigger question is, was your deck designed to carry such a heavy load? Each AB York Block weighs around 20 pounds and the AB Dublin Block around 40 pounds. Combining all the blocks needed to build the outdoor kitchen may be too much for your deck to handle. You should check with your engineer to see if your deck is strong enough to handle the additional weight.

    Good luck with the project

  2. I think it would cause the surface below to indeed, rot. I recently had my garden landscaped and now I got flowering plants and water features. The kids AND the birds love the new garden lol