March 25, 2013

Allan Block Master Wall Builders - The Best of 2012

Allan Block Master Wall Builder
Master Wall Builder. The Best of the Best - The Cream of the Crop. Contractors that reach this level have both the knowledge and the skills to build top quality Allan Block walls. Set apart from other wall installers, the Master Wall Builder is more widely accepted and sought after by the engineering community to be specified on project plans.

These guys work hard and we appreciate them - Check out the list of Contractors that have reached this goal in 2012:
  • Image Design & Landscape - Nokomis, IL
  • Sampson Construction - Roanoke, VA
  • Pickering Valley Landscape - Elverson, PA
  • Sunny Slope Landscape & Custom Design - Westbank, BC
  • Outdoor Enterprise - Casstown, OH
  • Bil-Jim Construction - Jackson, NJ
  • Deerwood Landscaping Ltd. - North Vancouver, BC
  • Baldwin Construction - Kelowna, BC 
  • Tapani Underground - Battle Ground, WA
  • Esposito Construction - Matawan, NJ
  • ERS Materials - Danielson, CT
  • R&S Retaining Walls - Parker, CO
  • LandArt Hardscapes - Peachland, BC

Steve Baldwin - Baldwin Construction
Steve Baldwin
Baldwin Construction
Craig Reinke
Image Design & Landscape
Bil-Jim Construction

Congratulations Master Wall Builders - Allan Block Salutes You!

Want to become one of the retaining wall elite? Learn what it takes to become an Allan Block Master Wall Builder and be an expert in retaining wall construction.

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  1. Trying to figure out a wall that I can have protection for a pool, and a long perimeter, but still see thru it. Needs to be modern, graphic, kidproof, but still attractive and allows light in.

    Exterior, free standing perimeter Beach area.