October 15, 2020

What are my Choices in Color and Style of an Allan Block Retaining Wall?

Since Allan Block has been in business from the beginning of the modular block industry, there are many options available for you to match the look you want on your project. If you’re seeking an antique appeal such as “Old English”, then AB Europa might be the collection to choose. Maybe you want the split-face block and marbled color that is provided with the AB Collection. If those aren’t suiting what you’re looking for, the natural stone appearance of AB Fieldstone heightens aesthetics and differs greatly from the split-faced fa├žade. Brand new to the AB family is the Aztec Collection, which has a smooth, yet textured face to give the wall many dimensions. The best part about using Allan Block products isn’t just that they have a style just for you, but you can find a color available that will accent your backyard to make your outdoor living space the talk of the town! For exact colors and availability, contact your local AB Dealer in your area!

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