February 13, 2020

Construction Safety Tips

Building a retaining wall should never result in personal injury or destruction of equipment.  To ensure your job site remains safe, keep these tips in mind when constructing a retaining wall.

      1.  Always check with your municipality about codes to ensure you comply with local requirements.

      2. Prepare a plan to help you successfully complete your project – check out the AB Apps to assist.

      3. Speak with your neighbors to properly communicate what you are doing and any potential obstacles that may be created during construction.

      4. Call your local utility company to mark all below ground utilities (gas, electric, cable, etc.)

      5. Prepare yourself with appropriate safety gear:
a.       Hearing Protection
b.       Eye protection (glasses)
c.       Inhalation protection (masks)
d.       Gloves
e.       Knee pads

      6. Be equipped with the appropriate tools to protect yourself from potential construction debris (i.e., concrete dust) and/or simplify the process by avoiding incorrect use of equipment:
a.       Cutting equipment (one or two of these typically needed)
                                                               i.      Wet saw diamond blade (easily cut with minimal dust)
                                                             ii.      Integrated dust control concrete/masonry saw (saw sucks in dust)
                                                           iii.      Hammer and Chisel (snap the block when needed)
                                                            iv.      Concrete splitter/guillotine (snap block when needed)
b.       Construction Equipment
                                                               i.      Shovels (pointed and flat nose)
                                                             ii.      Rakes (metal – screening or bow rakes)
                                                           iii.      Dead blow hammers (avoid bounce back from mallets)

When you are in the need of building a retaining wall, never forget to think safety first!  No project is worth an injury to you, a loved one, friend or colleague.

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