October 24, 2019

What Kind of Material do I Use to Fill the Blocks & the Drainage Behind the Blocks?

A long lasting and great looking retaining wall project begins by selecting the proper material to use during construction of the wall.  After you have selected the proper block to use, you may find yourself wondering “what do I put within and behind the blocks?”
Typical Section
Wall Rock
To build a quality wall, use a clean, granular rock (to a depth of at least 12” (30.5cm) behind the block) to ensure better drainage and compaction to improve the overall performance of your finished wall.  We refer to the material used within and behind the block as Wall Rock. Crushed or smooth stone, well graded, compactable aggregate, ranging in size from 0.25 in. to 1.5 in. (6 to 38 mm) is the ideal wall rock size.  Your AB Dealer will most likely have what you need.
For complete installation details, check out our installation guides.

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