July 19, 2019

Making the Cut: Modifying AB Courtyard Blocks for Your Project

Written by Nate VanBeek

Are you a homeowner who has recently purchased AB Courtyard? Or, perhaps you’re a contractor who has been asked to build a patio using AB Courtyard. In either event, you’re probably wondering where to start. Let’s say you’ve already designed your patio using one of Allan Block’s many Estimating Tools. You ordered your block. You’ve got your patio laid out. Now it’s time to start building your AB Courtyard patio. While AB Courtyard was designed keep cutting to a minimum, chances are you’ll need to cut block at some point. That brings us to the topic of this blog. How do I cut the AB Courtyard blocks? You’ve come to the right place!

Allan Block has a wealth of resources to help you understand how to properly cut block. Whenever you build a patio using AB Courtyard we recommend having our AB Courtyard Installation Guide handy. This will answer a number of questions that might arise throughout your design and build process. You may also want to reference Allan Block’s Splitting or Cutting Blocks How-To Sheet. Not a big reader? Not a problem. Watch our YouTube video: How to Build Split and Cut Blocks by clicking on the link or watching the embedded video to the right.

There are a couple of important considerations when modifying the AB Courtyard block. Always ensure you are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Whether you are splitting or cutting an AB York or an AB Dublin, we recommend that you always use the prefabricated split line manufactured into the block. Failure to do so will result in custom cuts for every course of block. The illustration to the left shows the two acceptable cuts to be made to the AB Dublin. Similarly, the AB York has a split line along its centerline.

For more information on making cuts to AB Courtyard blocks visit our website.

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