April 19, 2019

Why the Different AB Courtyard Caps, Allan Block?

Written by:  Nate VanBeek

So you’re building your first AB Courtyard project. You have just finished laying the top course of your first wall panel. Now it’s time to start capping your wall. You start placing the caps atop your wall panel and you quickly realize that some of your wall caps are different. They won’t set right because the groove doesn’t go all the way through the block. Now when you place them on top of the raised ring they’re sitting half an inch higher than surrounding blocks. The reason for this is simple; the AB Courtyard wall caps are manufactured with a standard and an end cap finish. 

These finished end caps are great for capping vertical ended walls or step downs. There is an average of 1 end cap for every 4 standard caps when offered by the local manufacturer (check for availability.) There are two ways to install an end cap when it meets up with the raised ring of the block below. 

Option 1: Flip the block below over
  • Option 1: When the end caps meets up with a raised ring; flip the block below over to create a flat surface. This will allow the cap to be placed with no modification needed. 

Option 2: Remove notch on end cap
  • Option 2: Using a hammer and chisel, break off the notch on the bottom of the cap to allow for proper installation. Once all the caps are installed, secure them in place with a bead of masonry adhesive on both sides of the raised rings.
For more information about how to finish AB Courtyard wall panels with caps take a look at our CappingWall Patios page and for information about all things pertaining to building with AB Courtyard take a look at our AB Courtyard Installation Manual.

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