April 5, 2019

More Circles! Building tips for AB Courtyard projects

Written by: Nate VanBeek

Everybody loves building circles with AB Courtyard! But, what is the smallest circle that I can build with AB Courtyard? If you build a circle using AB York blocks with the long edge oriented to the outside of the circle it will take twenty-eight blocks to complete a circle.

The circumference of a circle made with AB York blocks exclusively is roughly 81 in. (2.0 m).  to the outside edge. That is the smallest diameter circle that can be built using AB Courtyard without modifying blocks. Our AB Courtyard Fire Pit page has videos, pictures, and step-by-step instructions on how to build this circle.
For more information about building with AB Courtyard refer to our AB Courtyard Walls by Allan Block publication. For more specific guidance building curves check out this page: Howto Build Patio Walls with Curves. We also a page dedicated to building larger curves: How to Build a Large Curved Patio Wall Panel.

The fun doesn’t stop there

With AB Courtyard you can build all sorts of circles. By alternating AB York blocks with the short edge towards the inside of the circle and AB Dublin center split blocks with the long edge oriented towards the inside of the circle, a slightly larger radius is obtained (roughly 96 inches).

Another option for a slightly larger radius (roughly 112 inches) is using one AB York with two AB Dublin center splits. Orient the AB Dublin center splits so that their tapered edges face one another. Follow this with an AB York with its short edge oriented toward the inside of the circle. Repeat this pattern to complete the circle.
 For an even larger radius (roughly 184 inches) use two AB York blocks side-by-side (or one AB Dublin) followed by a AB Dublin center split with its long edge oriented toward the inside of the circle. This pattern is then repeated until the circle is completed. All of these radii are shown in our AB Courtyard Reference Guide.

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