August 7, 2018

Best Practices for Zero Retaining Wall Failures - Above Grade Water Management

With some retaining wall projects you may have surface water that is difficult to divert from your wall.  This water should be collected with surface drainage swales and drained laterally in order to disperse the water around the wall structure.   This swale should include an impermeable layer of clay, asphalt, or concrete.

For more information on water management, check out sections 3.4 in the Allan Block Spec Book.  (ref. BP, Chapter 3.4)

For more on construction of a typical swale, reference Drawing No. 2.0, or see Chapter 12 in the Allan Block Spec Book for further discussion on above wall considerations.

Allan Block is working to achieve our industry initiative of Zero Wall Failures. With our Best Practices Manual and experience in the industry we are trying to expand the knowledge base for the design of segmental retaining walls (SRW's) by communicating and educating the professionals in the industry.  To see the full Best Practices Manual, visit to download today and keep an eye out for more industry Best Practice recommendations here.

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