January 26, 2018

How Do I Build an AB Fence with a Curve?

Written by: Chad Julius
I get it.  The AB Fence panel from post to post is straight and you cannot bend a concrete block.  So, the AB Fence System was designed to create curves by having a little wiggle room at the connection of the panel and post.  As the panel block fits into the groove the AB Fence post block there is enough room to angle the block to create a bend. 

It is not expected that you know what a 3 degree or 15 degree connection will give you.  We have radius charts in our literature and at allanblock.com that makes it easy for you.  With the different connection options, you are able to create curves that follow new and existing roads or property lines. 

Read more about AB Fence Curves and other installation tips at www.allanblock.com

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