November 17, 2017

Can I build a seating wall or parapet above my existing retaining wall?

Written by: Ryan Miller
We often find ourselves needing a seating wall or parapet above our retaining wall for a variety of reasons such as a raised patio with seating areas on the outer edge.  Parapets or seating walls are perfect to place on top of your retaining wall and selecting the correct products will ensure a great look and a long-lasting project. 

Our AB Courtyard Collection is a two sided seat wall product that is often used with our AB Collection or AB Europa Collection to mirror the same texture and colors – visit your local distribution partner to review these products.  This product can be placed directly on top of your retaining wall to provide additional seating on your patio and/or to define an outdoor room. 

If you are building with Allan Block Fieldstone, a parapet wall above your retaining wall may be the right choice.  Parapets extend above the retaining wall and are double sided and may provide the look and functionality you need to finish off your project.  Find more information online about parapets and proper construction of such structures.  

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