July 28, 2017

Are There any Easy Design Ideas for My Patio Wall?

Written by: Souraya Farhat
Outdoor living has taken a completely different meaning today now days. It is no longer setting up a tent in the backyard, or throwing a blanket on the lawn or even some lawn chairs. Today outdoor living is adding usable space where one can relax and entertain while enjoying the outdoors. Outdoor patios will vary in functionality to match a specific lifestyle: There are patios dedicated for outdoor cooking, pool surround, relaxation and gatherings and there are those that are a combination of all.

Some patio designs can be overwhelming and certainly very costly. What you don’t have a lot of space to work with and money is a concern, but still want an outdoor space to accommodate your lifestyle? Here are some examples of patio designs that are average in size (approximately 140 sqft), simple in style and designed with the ambitious homeowner in mind. With these designs the price tag of the patio project suddenly become very affordable while serving its purpose and still adding value to the home.

Each of the patios in the picture serves a specific purpose and are simple to build. By simple we mean following the detailed instructions provided for each patio that comes with a list of products needed to build the project of choice. In many cases one can start with seating wall and add other outdoor elements as budget or time permits. You can find detailed instructions and link to how to videos for the each of these designs on allanblock.com

Should these ideas not give you the design you are looking for, you can always use them as a starter and modify to achieve the look and functionality desired. You can do that very easily using this patio design app.

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