December 23, 2016

Best Practices for Christmas??

Here we go again with the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays and look forward to them every year.  However, the extra pressure of parties, presents and “additional pounds” can where a guy out.  If somebody could give me a prescriptive plan of show to stay on top of it all that would be very beneficial.  Obviously, you have the planners and the people that have had their shopping done since July, but that is not me.  And I don’t think I am alone here.  I see the same look on the other faces I meet. 

Working for Allan Block we have a Best Practices for Segmental Retaining Wall Design to help engineers who design walls.  It is a prescriptive plan that outlines things that should be considered. And for the engineers that only work on retaining wall projects once or twice a year it is a life saver since it covers all topics from design to construction.

If I do an internet search for “Best Practices for Christmas” I get pages that reference shopping, cooking or traveling techniques.  Some even lead to more confusion.  Nothing, that really gives me a prescriptive plan.  I guess I will do what I always do every year and drink more eggnog. 😊  

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