November 4, 2016

Retaining Wall Construction - Other Reinforcement Options Save the Day

Weston Corners is a brand new luxury mixed-use development in Cary, NC. The site required several significant retaining walls during construction, one in particular and in close proximity to the property line, street and a building. This retaining wall was originally designed as a Cast in Place (CIP) wall with brick pilasters, but the bids for construction of such a project came back drastically over budget and at that time, the owner went to Delta Development for a solution.
Gib Lyttle (the owner of Delta Development and Allan Block Master Wall Builder) immediately began thinking of an Allan Block retaining wall with a special pilaster block (an AB block that has a 2 in. (50 mm) thicker face than a traditional unit) which he had seen used on a project in Oregon. Lyttle reached out to Fay Block Materials, the local Allan Block producer and they began researching and reviewing possible solutions.
Working with TerraTech Engineers, the group came up with the idea of a 25-30 ft (7–9 m) tall Allan Block Collection Ashlar Blend patterned retaining wall with a unique deeper faced unit to create the appearance of pilasters or columns. Lyttle thought this solution would provide the owner with the aesthetic they were looking for at a cost they could handle. The groups involved, TerraTech Engineers, Delta Development and Fay Block presented their option to the owner for review and their proposal was accepted.

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