June 3, 2016

How to Spice Up your BBQ Grilling Space

 Times have changed over the years when it comes to backyard barbecuing.  The old round black Coleman grill is typically no longer the norm.  Depending on the space you may now find a fancy gas grill.

In place of just having this new grill just sitting on your patio with a black cover over it when it's not in use, take it to the next level.  The AB Courtyard Collection offers an easy way to expand it into an outstanding grilling station in any size that works with your space.

By creating a grilling station you now can expand the area for prepping, utensils, ingredients and more.  This added space which will now give you a great place to entertaining outdoors.  

Now you can turn up the heat and invite your friends and neighbors for some great times in your backyard patio space. 

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