May 6, 2016

Outside Corners for Retaining Walls

Outside 90 degree corners on Allan Block walls are relatively simple to construct, but there are some tips that help improve the aesthetics of the completed wall.  When we look at a retaining wall we always look at the edges of the wall and details in the center of the face are overlooked.  When the wall has an outside 90 degree corner then, our eyes are naturally drawn to the corner.  Most professional contractors understand this and they typically will start construction of the wall at these corners and work away from them.

What happens when you have two outside corners then?  Most contractors will start at both corners and work inwards.  The two corners however may not always land at a half-block distance apart.  If the locations of the corners don’t fall at that precise half block interval then some odd length blocks may need to be cut for the corners to fit in the correct location.  This is not a problem for a skilled contractor.  If there are odd length cuts that are needed, they will randomly hide them towards the middle of the wall.  As we discussed before our eyes naturally look to the corners.  By hiding the odd cuts at random locations towards the middle they blend in to the background and only a trained eye might spot them.

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