January 8, 2016

It’s All About the Base for Walls with No Trouble

If you are thinking about building a retaining wall in your yard, remember: It’s all about the base.  This simple step often determines the success or failure of your project. 

Have you noticed retaining walls that sag in the middle or look like they are not level?  Such imperfections are noticeable to the eye, and unfortunately are not easy to fix once the wall is constructed.  Base preparation is the key to creating a professional, long lasting retaining wall.

Use these simple steps:

·               Remove all surface vegetation and organic materials such as black dirt under your base.
·               Start at the lowest point of your wall.
·               Dig a 24” x 6” deep trench.  Add an inch in depth for every foot of wall height.
·               Make sure the bottom of the trench is solid and has not been filled with loose soil.
·               Fill the trench with a well graded granular fill at least 6” deep. 
·               Use a plate or hand compactor to make to make sure the base is strong.  Compaction of this material is key to creating a solid foundation.
·               Use a 4 foot level to make adjustments by adding or removing granular fill where necessary.

When installing the first row of blocks, spend extra time and make sure they are level and true. 

So remember, if you focus on the base, you will be able to build a trouble-free wall that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

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