May 22, 2015

Simple Tools For Designing Your Patio

If you want to design a patio surround or seating walls and don’t know where to start then grab your smartphone or tablet!  Allan Block has a free app that lets you design and estimate your perfect patio surround.  Let your creativity shine and easily customize the size and style of your patio and seating walls with the flexible AB Courtyard Collection.  Take your simple backyard, and transform your space by adding walls with corners, posts, curves, and more.

Simply choose the size of your design area, add the walls to your project as well as any openings you need.  Then choose your elements, like corners, posts, or wall endings.  Decide on the heights of the walls and posts and you are done!

Get a rough estimate right on the screen or submit your project and receive a full estimate report with detailed drawings for Free in your inbox.  The report also includes a list of your local dealers where you can go and get your materials.

The Courtyard Estimating App is a FREE App from Allan Block is available for both Apple & Android devices.

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