February 13, 2015

Sound Barriers, Security & Containment Fencing

AB Fence is a mortarless concrete fence system that uses maintenance free interlocking blocks to create an attractive and effective solution for sound abatement, security, privacy and more.

The Allan Block Fence System is the logical choice for a wide range of fencing and sound barrier applications. It is an attractive addition to developments looking for added security and is ideally suited for sound barrier applications with a noise transmission loss two times greater than wood fences. AB Fence can easily beautify residential locations and increase privacy for perimeters and entrances.

Sound Barriers

Sound Barrier Diagram
Sound Barrier
AB Fence provides the superior noise abatement, aesthetic style, durability and low maintenance of concrete masonry without the prohibitive costs associated with mortared masonry construction.
Sound barriers are solid obstructions built between the noise source and the receiver. An effective barrier will disperse sound along three paths: diffracted, reflected and transmitted.Diffracted Noise (bent) over the top of the wall produces a “shadow zone” behind the barrier, which is a function of wall height and the distances between the source, the barrier, and the receiver. Reflected Noise is directed away from the receiver.Transmitted Noise through the wall is a characteristic of the barrier material, determined by weight and stiffness and can be compared on the basis of transmission loss.

Screening and Containment

Communities are becoming more conscious of the relationship and proximity between commercial centers and surrounding neighborhoods. The AB Fence offers a cost effective and attractive means to separate residential areas from the noise of industrial and commercial areas. It can also be used to meet the screening and containment requirements in commercial development.

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