February 27, 2015

Build Strong Walls and Get a Great Night’s Sleep!

Building an outdoor pool and entertainment area on a sloping hillside presented an interesting challenge. The homeowners wanted a backyard "room with a view" to extend their living space and take advantage of the beautiful lot and stunning views.

A series of three walls were constructed to create a level surface for the swimming pool deck. A 22-foot wide (7 m) staircase was also installed to provide access from the home to the pool deck. All the walls and stairs were built with retaining walls blocks reinforced with grid.

Grid or reinforcement grid is a flexible synthetic mesh that is designed to stabilize earth and soil retention – in short it helps make the walls stronger.  By using grid with in the construction of the retaining wall, you allow the wall to be fortified with more strength, and preventing potential movement of the wall in the future.

 John Brown, co-owner of Brown/Woods and Associates, has seen his share of deteriorating walls. He recalls, "Over the years, I have seen walls built poorly by both homeowners and landscape contractors. Proper construction is the key; walls will last forever if they are built correctly. That's why we like using grid so much. It makes it easy to build strong walls."

The homeowners are excited to show off their new outdoor living space and they know they are going to be able enjoy it for many years to come.

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