November 13, 2014


Allan Block Garden Bed
Summer is over, and with the cooler temperatures of fall, many summer plants have shriveled up, leaving both vegetable and flower gardens looking tired and shabby.  Instead of waiting for snow to cover the eyesore that was once your beautiful garden, why not give your garden a fall makeover by adding raised garden beds!

Allan Block Garden Bed with StairsRaised garden beds have many advantages over regular garden plots.  For example, they help you organize your space so that you can get more out of it.  They also have lighter, fluffier soil, because, by leaving a walking space between beds, you eliminate the need to step in your garden.  When soil is not compacted by constant walking, roots have an easier time growing.  Raised beds also drain better, conserve moisture and suppress weed growth. Best of all, your raised beds will be ready for earlier spring planting because the soil in them drains and warms quickly.

So don’t wait until spring to think about planting, prepare your garden now by adding raised beds, and maybe even planting some fall bulbs that will surprise and delight you in the spring.

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