September 25, 2014

Cutting Down a Tree: It’s Not Always a Bad Thing

Do you have messy trees in your yard that you want to get rid of but feel bad? Do you feel stuck in the environmental paradox when thinking of cutting these trees? Well you don’t have to!
It is known fact that killing trees is harmful to the environment because they provide lots of benefits to the air we breathe and are an important agent for climate control. However the mess and maintenance of some trees, like Cottonwoods produce is too much to handle.
Cotton in the spring and early summer causes a big mess and destroys your flower beds. Making it hard for you to enjoy your outdoor space during the most pleasant and beautiful time of the year. Their wood is very soft and they shed twigs all the time. These twigs ruin your lawn and your lawn mower.  But don’t despair; there are ways to remove these trees without having to feel bad about their extermination.  Here are some simple suggestions to help you

leave a positive footprint in the environment:

  •  Plant other tree varieties that are less of a nuisance and grow fast.
  •  Don’t want to replant? Then donate to the arbor society and/or buy trees to be planted elsewhere.
  • Work with your local officials/committees to plant more trees in the public areas of your neighborhood so they can be enjoyed by all.

Everyone hears talk about deforestation and logging around the world and in true these things are awful. However, this does not equal to tree removal in a residential landscape. In fact I think there are more trees being planted in our neighborhoods that ever before. Builders are getting better at saving trees when building new homes and developments and we are all more aware of the impact on our environment.

So don’t feel bad about that tree that has been plaguing you, take it down, and plant something that fits your style and improves your environment!

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