August 29, 2014

Good landscaping doesn't create water problems - IT SOLVES THEM.

Landscaping Tips: Water Management

When planning a new landscape, there are many things that need to be considered, like location, budget, overall design  - the planning can go on and on depending on the detail of the overall design.  One thing that is often overlooked and can have a significant effect on the success of the project is water management.
Here are a few things to consider when managing water in your landscape.

Site Grading - Prior to construction of a retaining wall, evaluate that it is properly graded by directing water away from the walls to help manage surface drainage.

Concentrated Water Sources - Identify any concentrated water sources and take them into account during the design of the wall. Examples include:
    • Slopes above the wall
    • Driveways that slope towards the wall
    • Roof downspouts
    • Lawn, landscape irrigation systems and outdoor faucets

Ground Water - Identify the ground water elevation, meaning where the water occurs within the soil. Ground water must be prevented from coming into contact with any wall structures you may have in your plan. If you do find ground water on your project, contact a local engineer to help with your overall design.

Irrigation Systems - When irrigation systems are used they should be designed and installed to perform irrigation in a controlled and reasonable manner.  Even an outdoor faucet can cause problems if it leaks or is accidentally left on, creating a water build-up behind or above the wall.

FACT: 90% of Wall Failures Are Caused By Improper Water Management

By taking the time to plan for the water on your project, you will not be “washed” away by disasters or pitfalls during or after construction – so PLAN AHEAD.

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