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January 23, 2015

What is AB Fieldstone?

The look of natural stone that's easier to install and at a fraction of the cost.
AB  Fieldstone is a two-piece system with interchangeable facing units and anchoring units.  Each style of face has a Series name.  The facing units attach to one of two sized anchoring units - short anchoring units (SAU) or long anchoring units (LAU) which are made out of recycled materials.  Using 812 and 824 facing units individuality or mixing them together in your project creates a beautiful natural stone look.  There is no top or bottom to a facing unit, so flipping them over adds an even more random style.

The Many Faces of Fieldstone
AB Fieldstone has a variety of facing styles to meet any need. Use them individually or blend them together to make your own custom look. Check out the available facing styles at

January 16, 2015

Hidden Benefits of the AB® Collection

The AB Collection has many different block options to choose from that offers a classic cut stone look and feel to the project.  The smaller blocks of the collection - AB Jumbo Junior, AB Junior Lite and AB Lite Stone are perfect to build small to medium sized garden or landscape walls.  The larger blocks – AB Stones and AB Classic are great              for any application, but work best for medium to large landscape or commercial walls.  With the blocks being modular, you can also blend them together to build patterned walls with an awesome “wow” factor.

In the AB Collection you will find our signature block AB Stones. This is a good choice for any wall construction project.  The built in setback delivers great leverage, performance and stability.   AB Stones is the leader of the pack - the first block of the AB Collection and the unsung hero of the segmental retaining wall world.

No other product on the market can offer the same efficient performance and durability, while creating solutions with lasting beauty.  With a 12° nominal setback, retaining walls using AB Stones can be built taller in good soil before reinforcement is necessary.  This saves you time and money.

When planning your project, check out for all of the great  ideas, videos, tools and much more and see for yourself the benefits of  using AB Stones from the AB Collection of products.

January 9, 2015

What is Allan Block?

You've heard the name; maybe you have even seen or used a product or two, but what is Allan Block? Allan Block is more than just products - We are a company of products, services, and information; helping our market of homeowners, contractors and specifiers create quality, long lasting outdoor spaces.  

The Brand
Allan Block has been in the market for over 25 years, developing products and services for the segmental retaining wall industry.  In that time, the market has grown and expanded to include more than just retaining walls, but other mortarless building products, like patio walls, outdoor kitchens and other outdoor accents. We strive to promote Allan Block as “Always Better”; products, tools, and information to create that all around positive experience.

The Products

Allan Block has a comprehensive collection of retaining wall blocks with a variety of sizes and textures available to create beautiful wall solutions of any shape and size.  These are the core of our product line, but the buck 
doesn't stop here. We have a full sound barrier and privacy fence line  - the AB Fence -  and let’s not forget about the building blocks for the outdoors; the AB Courtyard, a product line you can build just about anything with!

 The Vision

At Allan Block, our focus is to bring quality products and in depth information on how to design and construct strong well-built hardscape projects that will last and last. We strive to be the experts in our field and continue to push forward to be the leaders in the industry.

Check out our vast array of resources and tools to help you with your next project; and contact us if you need any help!

November 21, 2014

What Backyard Fits Your Style?

 Backyards have expanded from just simple areas with no style or useful spaces to elaborate patios and outdoor rooms that are an extension of the home.  The types of plants, lighting, water features, appliances, hardscape materials and natural stone that is now easily available gives anyone the ability to create outstanding spaces.  No longer is the wood deck or concrete patios the mainstay of backyards. 

Using the wide assortment of available materials one can create patios with paving stones or natural stone in place of that concrete slab if directly on the ground.  If above grade, use retaining walls to build up that raised patio then add two sided low patio walls to create outdoor walls in place of that wood deck.  These walls work great for built-in seating or plantable areas.  Incorporate lighting for outdoor entertaining within the wall or the paving stones.  Then create flowing pathways leading up to the backyard with the same paving stones or natural stone for an inviting feel for your guests.

A bigger upgrade is to add in outdoor kitchens, pergolas and fireplaces.  With the push to create new outdoor living areas, the comforts of the indoors are moving out as well.  The large selection of kitchen appliances that are meant to be used outdoors is vast.  Build them right into the materials being used for the patio for a seamless feel to the project.  Don’t have room for the full kitchen, add in a bar and seating for the same feel.  Incorporate pergolas for shading, custom fireplaces for warm entertaining evenings, the list goes on and on. 

Using plants and water features to soften landscapes is a beautiful way to bring nature into the backyard.  To soften the noise of the outside world, adding the sound of running water with waterfalls or fountains will help bring a relaxing space to your new backyard space.

When it’s time to upgrade that backyard area, do some research and see for yourself all the wonderful options that will help you create a backyard to be excited to call your own.

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